When Should You Seek Help?

When you are interested in using a public-private delivery, but you do not know if the method is a good fit.

An analytical evaluation of the intended program and an informative overview of the available options can equip the decision-makers with the tools they need.

When you are prepared to start a public-private project, but you are unsure about who to engage.

A methodical approach to gathering the best proposals, thoroughly evaluating the potential partners, addressing how to engage with the wider stakeholder team, and identifying and negotiating critical terms will develop the strongest approach.

When you have a partner, but you need to protect the project budget from overage.

Development of the full program budget, iterative evaluation of the cost of the design, quantifying budget reserves for uncertainty, and developing the means for controlling the project during execution will provide the tools the owner needs for effective cost management.

When you want to mitigate the risks associated with public-private delivery.  

Laying the groundwork with a comprehensive final agreement, developing trust with the project delivery team, planning active risk reduction, and adding subject-matter experts to the team to monitor and control project execution will enable the owner to minimize and manage the risks involved in complex capital projects.