P3 Delivery

Helping you successfully deliver projects through Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnership (P3) is an alternative delivery method allowing public entities to benefit from private-sector expertise and innovation to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain a capital project. P3s provide a means for public-sector projects that otherwise would not succeed using traditional funding methods. By using P3, the public sector can deliver a wide range of project types – schools, public service buildings, transportation infrastructure, and water/wastewater treatment plants. 

Why P3 delivery? 

Unlike traditional construction, P3s often involve complex contracts, design-build delivery, innovative financing, and numerous stakeholder objectives. MBP has a proven track record of achieving client goals while reducing and managing risk – starting with project inception and continuing through the project lifecycle – providing our clients with an effective, transparent, and cost-efficient form of risk management. 

Why use PPEA instead of traditional procurement?

  • Your project is complex or needs to be brought on faster than with a traditional process, it’s a special opportunity to obtain a special site, there is a lack of capital under traditional means, or you need more flexibility or more creativity.
  • You are looking for selection based on qualifications and best value, not the lowest bid price.
  • You want to foster an open exchange of ideas between public and private sectors in order to enhance transparency and public access to proposals, concepts, and contracts.
  • You are a public entity and want to recoup procurement transaction costs from the submitting proposers.
  • You want the process to assist in defining and assigning risk.
  • You realize that stipends often are used to offset the design-build team’s proposal costs for reaching comprehensive agreement.

If you are considering P3, early planning is key. MBP has identified a series of milestones to meet you where you are in the process for the proper execution of a P3 project. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly at P3@mbpce.com.