Hot Potato…Who Has the Risk in P3?

My old neighborhood was a great place to be a kid. I remember playing all types of backyard games and sports in my childhood. When we were not emulating a Major League player hitting a home run or a star running back scoring a touchdown, we would often play outdoor games like “hot potato.” We… Read More

Let’s Meet the COVID-19 Challenge Together

Right now, we all have our hands full. Our first priority, without question, should be to keep ourselves and our families safe. We also have an obligation to keep our businesses and construction projects afloat and progressing. Both can be stressful, and it may be hard to clearly see the path ahead with changes happening… Read More

Lean Optimization: How We Stuck with Our New Year’s Resolution

It’s now March, and according to a December 2018 Business Insider article, by this time 80% of people have failed to keep their New Year’s resolutions and they become just a distant memory. We at MBP wanted to make resolutions we could keep, but how do you cement real change? According to Yale University’s Professor… Read More

Why Do Projects Fail?

Why do projects fail? Why does it seem that despite our best efforts in employing new contract vehicles and new technologies to manage projects, there is an increasing number of projects that are not completed within the originally-planned budget, schedule, and program parameters? Why are these projects failing to meet the owner’s expectations? Studies by… Read More

How Sandy Has Forced Us to Become
More Resilient

The seventh anniversary of Superstorm Sandy passed recently, and we have been struck by the changing attitudes toward resiliency and sustainability since then. Sandy devastated many communities along coastal New York and New Jersey and served as a milestone event in understanding the importance of communities becoming more resilient. Our team at MBP played a… Read More

Happy Holidays from all of us at MBP!

Wherever you choose to celebrate this holiday season, we wish you a happy, safe holiday and a joyous New Year from our MBP family to yours. We look forward to working with you and making 2020 another successful year!

P3 Delivery: Are We Riding the Brake or Pressing the Gas Pedal?

Recently, I spoke at a seminar covering Public-Private Partnership (P3) project delivery where we ended with a very engaging question and answer period. There were two main themes that came out of this discussion: (1) a culture change is needed among public owners to perform more P3 delivery, and (2) how to overcome the fear… Read More

Buy American vs. Buy America:
A Simple Guide to Successfully Navigating the Differences

Although they may sound similar, the “Buy American Act” and the “Buy America Act” are very different. Since the early 1930s, the federal government has enforced domestic material procurement requirements when it funds the construction of public projects. Knowing the difference can save your project, as the penalties for failing to comply can be severe…. Read More

My Favorite Spec Provisions (and Other Reasons Why I’m a Scheduling Geek)

Yes, I admit it – I am a scheduling geek. My favorite class in college included manual CPM calculations.  My wife had to have an intervention so I did not put our wedding planning calendar in P3. But why?  What is it about these relationship lines and date calculations that I find so fascinating? Perhaps… Read More