DoD Issues Guidance on Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments: Top 6 Things You Need to Know

On May 22, 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD), in response to industry-wide concerns with rising inflation and the use of price adjustments, issued its Guidance on Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments which appears to signal recognition by the DoD that current economic conditions, particularly inflation, are affecting construction costs. Even while acknowledging the “impacts… Read More

Smooth Sailing: How Optimizing Capital Projects Early and Often Leads to Better Outcomes

Blog graphic - Smooth Sailing: How Optimizing Capital Projects Early and Often Leads to Better Project Outcomes

“When You Can’t Predict the Wind, Adjust Your Sails” Even the most well-intentioned construction projects need to change course along the way, adapting to changing circumstances as they arise. Project controls are essential guideposts for project planning. They allow the project team to identify and mitigate their risks as they establish their time, cost, and… Read More

A Conversation About Design-Build, Bridging Documents, and How to Align Expectations

Design-build has become a go-to delivery method for accelerating construction on complex projects, but it’s not one size fits all. Ultimately utilizing design-build depends on many factors like project size and complexity, the capacity of the owner to execute, the ability to convey and develop a good set of requirements, and a collaborative team. I… Read More

Making It Stick: Implementing Project Risk Management in Your Organization

Project risk management (PRM) has for decades been recognized by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a project management best practice. GAO has urged federal agencies to conduct cost and schedule risk analyses to anticipate and quantify risks that can lead to cost increases and schedule delays. Recently, we have been assisting several of… Read More

Got Partnering? Why I Think We Still Need Partnering in Construction

You’ve checked the boxes and got everything you need for a great construction project…but the key project leaders talk past each other or do not talk at all, problems fester for months without decision or action, letters are exchanged, change orders mount, and your team never catches up. The project finishes late, over budget, and… Read More

The City of Norfolk: Federal Funding for Resiliency Projects Spells Davis-Bacon Compliance

The City of Norfolk: Federal Funding for Resiliency Projects Spells Davis-Bacon Compliance Blog

Back in 1930, the Chesterfield Heights neighborhood in the City of Norfolk, Virginia, was a developing, desirable residential area located just minutes from downtown along the Elizabeth River. Since that time, The City of Norfolk has almost doubled in population growing to over 240,000 residents, and Chesterfield Heights is now on the Historic National Register… Read More

Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success

Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success Blog

Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol – doctors use these values to assess your overall health. Each one represents a key factor that over the years has been confirmed to be a key indicator of a person’s general state of health. Just as we have these data points to assess our health, key schedule metrics can aid… Read More

The Future of Healthcare Post Covid: Lessons Learned from the Vanderbilt Healthcare Design and Construction Symposium

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to attend Vanderbilt University’s Healthcare Design and Construction Symposium where we heard from the nation’s leading designers, constructors, healthcare providers, facility managers, and executives. This year’s theme was Moving FORWARD, a nod to the challenges prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and how healthcare delivery will change to meet… Read More

Beginning with the End in Mind: 3 Ways to Avoid Issues in P3 Delivery

One of the superpowers I grew up pretending to have (besides the dream of one day becoming a professional baseball or football player) was the superpower to “see into the future.” Maybe this is why as an adult I continue to review trends, read history, and follow thought leaders regarding the future of the AEC… Read More

Resiliency and Planning: A Local Focus

With the start of hurricane season, summer thunderstorms, and tornados upon us, it’s a good time to reflect and ask, “Am I prepared?” This question does not just refer to the emergency kit, cash, and spare gas you might have on hand, it also involves looking beyond your driveway to determine if both your community… Read More