From Ideas to Impact: Key Takeaways from MBP’s Annual Innovation Forum

WE ARE INNOVATIVE is one of MBP’s six core values. It is ingrained in our culture and a constant call to action for our entire team. This can sometimes be challenging, as many of our services often involve adhering to existing processes or procedures established by others. One way MBP lives out the innovative value… Read More

Is Your Building Losing Energy? Why Your Building Envelope Matters

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) is vital to the building process. It ensures the effective environmental separation between the interior and exterior of a building. Critical components like walls, windows, doors, and roofing are evaluated to avoid the substantial energy loss that can occur if the building envelope isn’t adequately commissioned. You can think of building… Read More

A Continuous Improvement Mindset: Exploring the Value of CM-Lean Certification

Last year at this time we made a corporate commitment to become even more efficient in the way we operate. After seeing the benefits of Lean methodology and tools used on the construction projects we manage, we launched an initiative to encourage our team members to pursue their Certificate of Management in Lean Construction (CM-Lean)… Read More

And the Wait Continues: A Discussion on Alleviating Supply Chain Pressure

“What do you do when your switchgear is lost in the mail?” That was the question posed to a panel of experts to provoke a conversation about the state of today’s supply chain at this year’s Associated General Contractors (AGC) 2023 Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management Conference. I was honored to moderate the panel,… Read More

A Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality for Facilities Managers: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing our world today. To combat this, many states, municipalities, higher education institutions, and private entities are rapidly pursuing a goal of carbon neutrality for their buildings by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. At the federal level, President Biden’s Executive Order 14008 (also… Read More

Perspectives of a Claims Analyst: What the Pandemic Taught Us

Many of us are fatigued with COVID-19-related content, but we thought it was important for us, as claims analysts, to reflect on what the pandemic has taught us about construction claims and to acknowledge that we are still learning from this event that disrupted our industry. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the United… Read More

Construction Tech Tools: Top 5 Trends in 2023

As technology around us rapidly advances, the construction industry is also making major strides. We are always researching new industry technologies, software, and devices so we can continue to advance our capabilities. These Top 5 Trends for 2023 were selected with our clients in mind, and we’re excited to implement them on job sites this… Read More

Top 5 Construction Industry Tech Tools of 2022

Technology is rapidly advancing throughout every business sector, and the construction industry is no exception. At MBP, our Innovation and Transformation team works diligently to keep up with industry demands and client needs, offering new technologies to provide our clients with better project outcomes. In the list below, we look at the new and existing… Read More

Good Construction Schedule Management = a Partnership Between the Scheduler and Project Manager

Good Construction Schedule Management Blog Art

Most of us can’t function without a good schedule. Juggling many obligations, we often need reminders of where we need to be and when. Construction projects are not that different. We need a well-thought-out CPM schedule to keep a project on task. And as with any schedule, it doesn’t do much good for contractors to… Read More

DoD Issues Guidance on Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments: Top 6 Things You Need to Know

On May 22, 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD), in response to industry-wide concerns with rising inflation and the use of price adjustments, issued its Guidance on Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments which appears to signal recognition by the DoD that current economic conditions, particularly inflation, are affecting construction costs. Even while acknowledging the “impacts… Read More