Internships/Career Paths

We are passionate about investing in the success of our team members and the achievement of our organizational goals. We offer both in-person and online training programs, so team members can continually work to advance their career any time they see fit.  We also have a robust mentoring program and a focus on ensuring that our team members are given the tools they need to succeed. Read more about our professional development benefits here.

Meaningful Work

At MBP, we believe in building a path for each team member. Learn more about different career options by using our Career Path Options roadmap.

Co-Op and Intern Programs

Do you have plans after graduation? Have you found the right internship yet? Are you trying to grow your resume?

MBP has a hands-on co-op and internship program that often leads to permanent career opportunities at our firm. Our project managers and engineers love to share their knowledge and experience in construction management and thrive off the energy and enthusiasm new engineers have to offer. Please register online or contact for additional information.

MBP co-op and Virginia Tech student, Charlie Hampton, discusses his experience below.