What We Do

Expertise in construction management is just the beginning. We also provide consulting services focused on optimizing our clients’ capital projects and programs.

We have the resources to function as a one-stop shop for owners seeking help both on site and off through our construction management and consulting services. Though we may only be hired for one service at the start of a job, owners often keep us on for additional services after witnessing what the MBP team is capable of. Unlike many of our competitors we focus exclusively on what we do best, delivering construction programs and projects. Our team members have hands-on field experience and come from diverse backgrounds, having previously worked as contractors, owners, and designers.

While we offer a variety of services to our clients, we are continually striving to best meet our clients needs, and for all of our work:

We communicate

We enhance project execution through frequent, focused communication throughout the project team.

We solve problems

We are active, creative, and diligent in bringing issues to closure.

We seek the best result

We work for the best practical outcome for the project, respecting our role as representative of the client.

We provide tailored solutions

Our services are focused to deliver the specific service needed.

We get it right

Not only do we get into the detail, we keep the big picture in perspective.

We use a consistent methodology

All services are performed according to proven, established procedures.