Value Analysis and Optimization

Value Engineering and Analysis

The return on investment for value engineering and optimization services is exponential. Savings can be achieved in design, construction, operations, and maintenance, reducing overall life cycle costs. Value engineering is a systematic process that is used to improve a construction project by balancing required functions, performance, quality, safety, and scope with the overall cost. The typical approach for a value engineering workshop includes the following steps: information is gathered, information is analyzed, project improvement ideas are generated, ideas are evaluated to create a shortlist of the best ideas, the shortlisted ideas are developed into written value engineering proposals, and then those alternatives are presented to the project stakeholders for decision-making and potential incorporation into the project.

MBP’s team approach to value engineering will assist the owner and project team with identifying project alternatives that will achieve the program or project’s functional requirements at the minimum expenditures over the facility’s lifetime. As a result, we offer a high return on value engineering expenditures compared to initial construction and operational savings gained from the process. We integrate cost awareness and budget oversight into our value process. Our discipline-driven value engineering workshops will examine the complete project attributes, design logic, system efficiency, program and material reliability, and useful life.

Our extensive experience in design and construction provides a strong and reliable basis for value engineering analysis in conformance with the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE) International Job Plan. In the conceptual phase of a project, value engineering workshops have been proven to result in projects that are aligned with the user’s needs while providing a cost savings to the owner, both in construction costs and operating costs over the facility’s lifetime. These workshops provide an opportunity to study the cost implications of project options before the design is advanced, thereby saving costs, time, and possible redesign efforts, as well as enhancing the success of the final project in meeting the owner’s expectations.

Process Optimization

MBP’s specialized optimization services are focused on maximizing an owner’s investment through identifying performance enhancements or discovering efficiency improvements in operational processes. MBP typically gathers client staff as workshop participants to generate ideas to improve internal processes. Based on the Lean Six-Sigma approach, the workshops result in increased efficiency of operations, enhance team building, decreased costs, and increased revenue.