Risk Advisory and Dispute Resolution

Avoid, Mitigate, and Resolve Construction Disputes.

Construction disputes are costly and disruptive. However change is commonplace and can result in disputes if not navigated effectively to achieve project objectives. MBP can help. 

MBP has assisted clients to address risk and to avoid and resolve disputes on billions of dollars of construction projects and programs: 

  • Commercial  
  • Industrial 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Energy/Utilities 
  • Institutional 

We have extensive experience in planning, design, construction, commissioning, outfitting, transition, and operations. We understand the challenges each phase in the project life cycle can pose, and help our clients anticipate those challenges to avoid or mitigate their impact or navigate them once they arise. 

MBP’s professionals serve clients in multiple roles: 

  • As risk advisors 
  • As analysts 
  • As facilitators 
  • As expert witnesses 
  • As third-party neutrals 
  • As financial advisors 

We deliver independent assessments and opinions with candor and integrity, and our professionals are recognized leaders in the construction industry, delivering sound advice and industry best practices. 

In situations which may, at times, be contentious, MBP tailors the solution to address the challenge at hand. You will find our team nimble, creative, forward-thinking, and strategic. But above all, we bring a collaborative mindset to every project.