Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success

Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success Blog

Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol – doctors use these values to assess your overall health. Each one represents a key factor that over the years has been confirmed to be a key indicator of a person’s general state of health. Just as we have these data points to assess our health, key schedule metrics can aid… Read More

The Future of Healthcare Post Covid: Lessons Learned from the Vanderbilt Healthcare Design and Construction Symposium

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to attend Vanderbilt University’s Healthcare Design and Construction Symposium where we heard from the nation’s leading designers, constructors, healthcare providers, facility managers, and executives. This year’s theme was Moving FORWARD, a nod to the challenges prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and how healthcare delivery will change to meet… Read More

Beginning with the End in Mind: 3 Ways to Avoid Issues in P3 Delivery

One of the superpowers I grew up pretending to have (besides the dream of one day becoming a professional baseball or football player) was the superpower to “see into the future.” Maybe this is why as an adult I continue to review trends, read history, and follow thought leaders regarding the future of the AEC… Read More

Resiliency and Planning: A Local Focus

With the start of hurricane season, summer thunderstorms, and tornados upon us, it’s a good time to reflect and ask, “Am I prepared?” This question does not just refer to the emergency kit, cash, and spare gas you might have on hand, it also involves looking beyond your driveway to determine if both your community… Read More

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx): Breathing New Life into Aging Buildings

Every organization, in one form or another, is on a quest for continuous improvement. Organizations are being challenged to do more with less. Resources are finite and the ability to sustain operational excellence as costs continue to rise is a constant struggle. Choosing not to embark on some form of improvement journey guarantees, in the… Read More

5 Hacks for Project Managers: Solutions for Maximizing Value and Minimizing Waste

As construction project managers, we spend every day juggling multiple priorities for delivering our projects successfully. We must prioritize site safety while also maintaining budget, schedule, quality, security, operational continuity, and countless other elements of the project and, of course, cooperate, collaborate, and communicate effectively at every turn. That is a tall order, and those… Read More

Resilience: Challenges Old and New

In an earlier blog, we defined “resilience” as: 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has used the term resilience to refer to a community’s ability to recover from a range of… Read More

Paradigm Shift in P3 Delivery

There is an old saying that “the only constant is change” which translates literally to things are always changing. This has never been more apparent than in our current state of economic, political, and environmental flux. However, what about a paradigm shift where a significant essential change takes place, and a new and different method… Read More

To Meet Virtually…or In Person. That is the Question!

“Jenny…Jenny, yes, you are still muted!!” “Donny, let’s let someone else talk now!!” These oft-repeated occurrences frustrate today’s remote work environment. But the important part is that the work continues, despite Jenny and Donny’s computer skills and personalities. At MBP, our Optimization Strategies Group conducts facilitated workshops, both for project and process improvements. The project… Read More

Practical Risk Management: The 5 “W’s” for the Win!

Oh no, watch out! Oh no, better jump! As construction professionals, we are fully aware of the many risks that surround our projects and understand the actions needed to manage and mitigate them. We know these risks can hamper the outcome of projects and quick reactions by project personnel are usually not well thought out… Read More