Don Young, PE, CCM, F.SAME

Executive VP, Operations and Organizational Development (Army)

Don has over 40 years of construction management experience, including 26 years as a US Army Engineer Officer. He achieved the rank of Colonel (O-6) while serving on active duty and commanded engineer units at the Company, Battalion, and Brigade levels. Don also served in a Joint Engineer position for USCENTCOM and was the Chief of Staff for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He served as the Director of Engineering and Housing (DEH) at the CMTC in Hohenfels, Germany, and also worked with several USACE Districts on MILCON projects across the US and overseas. Don also served in the combat zones of Iraq (OIF-1) and Bosnia (Operation Joint Endeavour).


Why did you choose MBP?

The main reasons for choosing MBP were the people, culture, values, and type of work. Previously being a public servant (USACE) for over 26 years, this was a big decision for me to shift over to consulting. My existing relationships with Blake Peck and Charlie Bolyard (two of our three MBP Founders) gave me great confidence on the path forward with MBP.

What did you find to be the most rewarding part of transiting to the workforce?

Being part of an overall team of professionals, who embrace quality, change, and growth on a daily basis with high energy and a positive attitude made it rewarding for me. I wanted to be challenged and work in a wide variety of market sectors beyond the Federal DoD. MBP gave me that opportunity with no glass ceilings related to advancement.

How has your military experience helped you in the workforce?

Over 75% of the normal daily tasks at MBP were right “in line” with what I had been doing with USACE. Also, integrating with new people and clients while performing owner’s rep work is aligned with my USACE experience too.

What advice would you give someone getting ready to transition?

I would recommend understanding the culture of an agency/organization as you balance the three-legged stool of job search focus areas: Location – Compensation – Type of Work. All will be important factors in your decision-making process for your next career. Also, be aware that business development and recruiting are part of most job descriptions in the AEC Industry.