MBP provided a broad range of program management, construction management, engineering technical support, and construction quality assurance tasks. These tasks included assistance and guidance to field offices, construction quality assurance inspection and reporting, review of contract documents and shop drawings, review of network analysis schedules, quality control plans, investigation, and reporting of construction contractor claims. Up to 17 task orders awarded for this contract supported projects at Fort Benning in Fort Stewart, Georgia, in support of the BRAC Program. Fort Benning was transformed from the “Home of the Infantry” to the “Maneuver Center of Excellence” by moving the Armor School from Fort Knox, Kentucky, to Fort Benning. The program included a multitude of different projects including new barracks, dining facilities, battalion and brigade headquarters, ranges, roads, bridges, and utilities.

“The project scheduling initiative developed and practiced by the Corps of Engineers at the Fort Benning Area Office is inherent to our successful completion of contracts on-time and within budget. Representatives of McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. (MBP) fully understand and support this critical area of expertise. Working in concert with our staff, their efforts clearly play an integral role toward further refining and enhancing our construction management capabilities. We are proud of our professional relationship with MBP and recognize its importance towards the upcoming execution of the largest military construction program in the southeastern U.S.”
George P. Condoyiannis, PE
Area Engineer
Fort Benning Area Office