MBP provided commissioning services for various new construction and renovation projects on the Boeing South Campus for the H-47 Focused Factory Renovation Program in accordance with USGBC LEED guidelines, Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning and EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning. Projects in the program included the Building 3-61 Focused Factory, Building 3-62 Shop/Office/Pre-flight Facility, Building 3-92 Office and Cafeteria, Building 4-14 Central Utility Plant, and Building 3-52 Fire/Rescue Station.

Building 3-61 Focused Factory

This project involved the phased renovation of the factory project at Boeing’s Center South Campus. The single-story factory of approximately 190,000 square feet included spaces for production/assembly docks, toilet rooms, general office support spaces, and loading docks. The renovation was completed in three phases to allow production to continue during the construction phase.

Building 3-62 Shop/Office/Pre-flight Facility

The project renovated the existing 46,000-square-foot shop facility and mezzanine office space in phases. Spaces included a pre-flight area, post-production shop, and the mezzanine office consisting of private offices, open office areas, conference rooms, and common areas.

Building 3-92 Office and Cafeteria

The project consisted of the construction of a 15,000-square-foot mezzanine office space and the renovation of 30,000 square feet of existing office space including private offices, open office areas, conference rooms, common areas, cafeteria, and a full service kitchen.

Building 4-14 Central Utility Plant

This new approximately 14,000-square-foot central utility plant building will service the Center South Campus of Boeing’s Chinook Helicopter facility. The building included areas for the new chiller plant and cooling towers, steam boilers, and operator control room.

Building 3-52 Fire/Rescue Station

The project involved the conversion of the existing building 3-52 boiler house to repurpose it as a new fire station on Boeing’s South Campus. The renovated building included 19,600 square feet of space for which 13,900 square feet was the repurposed fire/rescue station with spaces for private offices, open office areas, fitness room, bunk areas, locker/shower rooms, kitchen/lounge area, meeting rooms, apparatus storage, and a six bay fire/rescue vehicle garage; and 5,700 square feet contains space for existing campus utilities.