MBP provided construction phase quality assurance services on the Zion Crossroads project. This design-build project was located at the interchange of Route 15 and I-64 with the purpose to improve traffic operations and increase safety at the interchange and along Route 15. Improvements made included reconstruction of approximately 0.63 miles of existing roadway to accommodate a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with I-64, installation of new signals, installation of new ramps on I-64, and widening and reconstruction of existing ramps and terminals to accommodate the DDI.

“MBP was a thoroughly innovative partner on this project. They fully embraced their role in providing exceptional Quality Assurance Management (QAM) at every level. MBP envisioned and implemented a construction management program on this project not previously utilized on other Department D-B projects. They conducted weekly QAM meetings not just with their own QA staff, but included the D-B contractor’s QC inspector, and the Department’s owner verification staff. MBP convened these meetings to assist and coordinate the inspection and testing efforts of all parties over the following week, so that work requirements were known, testing goals were met, supplemental inspection efforts could be provided, and a cohesive Team environment was fostered.”
Gregory J. Cooley, PE
Culpeper District Design-Build Area Construction Engineer