MBP facilitated a formal value engineering workshop utilizing an independent team of architects and engineers to identify value-enhancement ideas on the design development documents. The value engineering study was conducted in accordance with the practices recommended by SAVE International. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)/Virginia State Police (VSP) Joint Safety Operations Center project is an 85,514-gross-square-foot facility housing a two-story Traffic Operations Center and administrative spaces for both the VDOT and the VSP. Additional functional spaces include training rooms, a multi-purpose rooms, a VDOT testing laboratory, interview rooms, conference rooms, and evidence storage for the VSP. The facility is located on the site of the existing VDOT Richmond District Office.

The value engineering workshop identified 47 value improvement ideas during the creative phase of the study. After these ideas were evaluated based on subjective criteria for project improvement, 19 of these were determined to enhance the value of the project and were developed as formal proposals. The 19 proposals are estimated to have cost impacts with a total potential savings of approximately $4,300,000, or 18.3% of the project’s construction cost.