MBP provided on-site construction management and inspection services including contract management, documentation control, CPM scheduling, and other support services. The project involved the replacement of an existing 3,000-foot continuous beam bridge on Route 147 Huguenot Road, over the James River, CSXT Railroad, Kanawha Canal, and forested wetlands. Phased construction required the new bridge to be constructed west of the existing bridge and realignment of Huguenot Road and Westham Station Road. The existing bridge remained in service as part of the new bridge was constructed. Relocation of existing utilities included a 48-inch sanitary force main, a 42-inch sanitary main, and gas and water lines. The project also included the construction of mechanically stabilized earth walls, new storm drainage systems, and one mile of approach roadways constructed of asphalt. The project involved safety concerns related to construction from a high elevation, over water and within a highly travelled roadway. These issues, in addition to normal construction risks, required a team dedicated to maintaining a safe work site for the construction team and the public.