MBP provided inspection and construction documentation services. Known as one of the worst bottlenecks with some of the largest potholes and considered a safety hazard by commuters and city officials alike, improving the Todds Lane/Big Bethel Road Intersection was a much-needed state and federally-funded locally administered project. When it was discovered that the road-widening project needed traffic signal work not easily constructed without additional phasing, MBP implemented a tailored project document system designed specifically for LAP projects, that increased collaboration and transparency among stakeholders and led to a solution that avoided schedule delays and additional design costs. The project was completed 10 days prior to the original contract completion date and yielded a $372,000 cost savings.

The project involved the widening of the intersection to provide one additional turn lane and a median on each leg. A five-foot-wide sidewalk was constructed in the widening areas where the sidewalk existed and utilities were relocated as necessary and occurred within right-of-way or easements. The widening of the intersection resulted in the need to extend the culvert over Northampton Canal by approximately 40 feet on the south side. The project included asphalt paving, curb and gutter, stormwater drainage, medians, intersection signalization, pavement markings, erosion and sediment control, and demolition.

“Your thorough knowledge of the project and positive team outlook was invaluable when addressing citizens’ concerns. It was a pleasure dealing with MBP professionals on this project. Your team was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure quality completion with every task. We are grateful for the huge role MBP had in the success of this project.”
Michael S. Hodges, PE
Engineering Manager
City of Hampton