Professional Development

We know the professional development of our team members is important to their growth and our strength as a team.  MBP offers:

Comprehensive Training

We offer training programs for all of our team members. Some training programs include customer service, diversity and inclusion workshops, and lunch-n-learns where our team members receive professional development hours (PDH). We also provide a thorough orientation and MBP Principles training for new team members to learn about our firm’s history, services, culture, and organization.


Team members have the option of working with a mentor or mentee. Our program provides the mutual benefits that can be gained from a mentoring relationship and allows team members to share knowledge and advice while further developing a relationship with a fellow team member.

Certifications and Licenses

We pay for industry certifications and licenses for our team members including registration, course, and examination fees.

Seminars and Conferences

We allow opportunity for team members to attend conferences or seminars at MBP’s expense.