As COVID-19 Budget Cuts Loom, Here Are 5 Ways to Reduce Facility Costs

The last four to five months have been disruptive to almost every organization in one form or another. Some obstacles, like moving an operation from a traditional office setting to a virtual setting, have been overcome. Others, such as budget shortfalls, are still being felt and managed. These unplanned budget impacts have taken a negative… Read More

Q&A: How to Get Your Building Systems Ready for Reopening

States, counties, and municipalities have recently begun to gradually reopen following the widespread COVID-19 shutdown. A great number of facilities have had their operations scaled back or were shuttered in place. Operations & maintenance (O&M) staff will soon be presented with the challenge of how to plan for – and safely reopen – these facilities…. Read More

6 Ways to Maintain Your Buildings During These Unprecedented Times

The last month has certainly been disruptive if you build, manage, or maintain facilities. Buildings are made to operate steadily over their life cycle and those who operate and maintain facilities manage these buildings accordingly based on building use and purpose, occupant needs, and equipment requirements. Under normal circumstances, O&M staff plan and execute scheduled… Read More