Justin Jacobsen, CCM, PMP, PSP, CM-Lean

Director of Innovation Development

Justin Jacobsen leads MBP’s innovation program which focuses on identifying, researching, testing, and implementing new technology and innovative process solutions used to deliver customized construction management and owner’s representative services. He interacts with a broad range of clients, MBP service leaders, and construction teams, enabling new capabilities to be validated and implemented as they become available in the market. Justin has championed MBP’s implementation of Lean Construction, Target Value Delivery, continuous estimating, pull planning, and other tools and techniques across MBP’s service lines.

Justin has 23 years of operational supervision experience with thirteen years of program management responsibility delivering successively larger projects as part of diverse, multi-functional project teams. His experience has included roles in project planning, construction management, scheduling and project controls, risk management, quality assurance, lean continuous improvement initiatives, feasibility studies, land acquisition and development, project finance, pre-construction services, cross-cultural operations management, sales, and project closeout/handover.


MBA, University of Texas at Dallas
MS, Supply Chain Management, University of Texas at Dallas
BS, Business Administration, American Military University
BS, Construction Engineering Technology, University of Southern Mississippi
Post-baccalaureate, Construction Management, Louisiana State University


1. Hometown

From my hometown in rural Utah, I embarked on a grand tour of Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia, Continental Europe, Botswana, and southern Africa courtesy of Uncle Sam. I moved on to the former oil capital of the world just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma for a few years before taking a second try at southern Africa, Botswana and Zambia specifically. On returning home, I was fortunate to spend three years in historic Wilmington, North Carolina before settling down in Raleigh where I live with my wife and three children.

2. What is your dream vacation/favorite travel spot?

My favorite travel spot to date has been Rome. The sense of history you get as you walk amongst the monuments, landmarks, and ruins is amazing. The culture, language, and food are equally enjoyable if you can find a path through the crowds to a quieter spot.

3. What is some advice you’d give to your 20-year-old self?

Be present where you are. Planning for the future is important, but the future will come to you regardless. Make the most of your present experiences because those are what make you into your future self.

4. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I get to come to work every day and push the boundaries of possibility both within MBP and the industry.  Developing and implementing new approaches to old problems is exciting and invigorating.