MBP provided project management and commissioning services. The project consisted of two phases of construction with phase one focusing on the demolition and removal of an existing boiler, modifications to the existing plant structure, and changes to the office, lounge, and workshop areas. Phase two consisted of the installation of new structural members to fortify the existing building, installation of the new boiler and associated piping. This project included the installation of the one of the biggest pieces of assembled machinery ever transported to the Virginia Tech campus. The boiler was shipped with a convoy of vehicles from Texas and weighed in at a massive 143,000 pounds prior to entering the Central Utility Plant. Since the boiler and its components are considerably heavier than what was removed from the facility, design and installation measures were set into place to house the new boiler package which included extensive modifications to the existing structural steel and concrete. Boiler 12 supplies 600-pound steam to the plant which in turn supplies a six mega-watt steam driven turbine to the Virginia Tech Campus which averages a campus wide heating load of about 100,000 to 175,000 pounds of steam per hour. Boiler 12 was designed to deliver an additional 20,000 pounds of steam per hour when compared to the three other existing natural gas/fuel oil boilers. This package included an eco-jet burner with dual fuel rating, flue gas recirculation, feedwater economizer, and state-of-the-art technology to reduce emissions and exceed government standards. This boiler package put Virginia Tech at the forefront of technological advancement and emissions control. The packageĀ  also included electrical infrastructure upgrades to the emergency backup power that served Boiler 12.