MBP conducted a formal 40-hour value engineering workshop utilizing an independent team of architects and engineers. The value engineering study was conducted in accordance with the practices recommended by SAVE International.  The Basketball Practice Facility project located at Old Dominion University, is a 23,961-gross-square-foot facility housing the basketball practice and administrative functions for both the women’s and men’s teams for Old Dominion University.  The facility is adjacent to the eastern entrance to the Ted Constant Convocation Center, and allows easy access for the players to the “TED” for games. The Basketball Practice Facility houses a full court NCAA regulation basketball practice court, auxiliary shooting practice court for the men’s and women’s basketball teams and support spaces.  First floor spaces adjacent to the practice courts include practice courts, players’ locker rooms, lounge, showers and toilet rooms.  The auxiliary spaces include a training/taping room with a hydrotherapy pool and a strength/conditioning room and a film room for each team.  Second floor spaces include reception area and public toilet room, offices for the coaches and staff, as well as locker room, shower, and toilets.

The workshop identified approximately 60 value improvement ideas during the creative phase of the study. After these ideas were evaluated based on subjective criteria for project improvement, 25 of these were determined to enhance the value of the project and were developed as formal proposals. The 28 proposals are estimated to have cost impacts with a total potential savings of approximately $565,000, or 9.0% of the project’s construction cost.