VDOT, Hampton Roads District Complex

Exterior of HR District Office

MBP provided part-time clerk of the works services, working in collaboration with VDOT staff, the consultant architect, and the developer, through the pre-construction, construction, and construction closeout phases. The project involved the renovation of an existing three-story unoccupied office building and upgrades to the existing parking lot. The existing building, which was converted to VDOT‚Äôs… Read More

Virginia Department of General Services, 9th Street Building

Exterior of 9th Street Office Building

MBP organized and lead the¬†commissioning team for systems being commissioned during the pre-design, design, construction, occupancy, and operations phases. The project involved the renovation of the 9th Street Office Building, formerly the historic Richmond Hotel, for use as an office building by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This 11-story building (plus basement and mechanical penthouse levels)… Read More

World Bank Group, World Bank Headquarters Complex

Exterior of World Bank

MBP provided dispute resolution and cost analysis services for the fast-track construction of the 2.1 million-square-foot Class A World Bank Headquarters Complex with phased occupancy that comprised an entire city block. The work included identification and removal of hazardous materials, major demolition, and new construction work.