MBP Announces New Roles to Focus on Organizational Capacity, Integrated Service Offerings

MBP today announced the introduction of a new organizational structure and operating model designed to support the firm’s innovation, growth, and continued focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining talent in the coming decade.

“The new organizational model we are unveiling today is central to our growth strategy as it will make us more agile and competitive, enhance our recruiting, retention, and professional development initiatives, and will allow us to provide greater value to our clients through operational efficiencies,” said Christopher Payne, PE, CCM, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This move will allow us to continue our focus on providing value at every stage of the project lifecycle, ultimately delivering better project outcomes for our clients.”

MBP’s long-term strategic plan includes a concerted focus on increasing organizational capacity by enhancing its ability to recruit, retain, and develop talent for future leadership roles. Don Young, PE, CCM, F.SAME, who previously led MBP’s PM-CM practice line, will be moving into a new role to lead this effort as Executive Vice President of Operations and Organizational Development. In his new position, Don will lead the development of new targets and processes to support this initiative, including assuming oversight of MBP technical team members across MBP’s different geographic locations and building best practices for improving capabilities and skillsets to meet the changing demands of MBP’s clients and the industry.

As part of this organizational change, all MBP service operations will be integrated to optimize the client experience and provide increased value across all stages of the project lifecycle. MBP’s PM-CM and Consulting practice lines will merge under an integrated organizational structure while retaining the service line focus on Building Services, Transportation Services, Project Risk Analysis and Consulting, and Facility Performance Consulting. Mairav Mintz, PE, CCM, PRMP, will take on the role of Executive Vice President of Service Strategy and Delivery to coordinate the collective efforts of all MBP services, further establishing MBP as a service-centered organization by consolidating operations, innovation, and strategy.

About MBP
MBP is a multi-disciplined consulting firm that provides a broad range of professional services designed to mitigate risk and optimize value within the built environment. Our diverse team of experts specializes in innovative solutions to our clients’ dynamic infrastructure and facility needs. We maximize an owner’s investment by identifying performance enhancements and efficiency improvements which translate into reduced life cycle asset costs. Established in 1989, MBP is a nationally recognized construction management services firm with offices in Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. For more information please visit www.mbpce.com or follow us at @MBPAECnews.


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