Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success

Healthy Schedule, Healthy Project: Four Indicators for Success Blog

Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol – doctors use these values to assess your overall health. Each one represents a key factor that over the years has been confirmed to be a key indicator of a person’s general state of health. Just as we have these data points to assess our health, key schedule metrics can aid… Read More

My Favorite Spec Provisions (and Other Reasons Why I’m a Scheduling Geek)

Yes, I admit it – I am a scheduling geek. My favorite class in college included manual CPM calculations.  My wife had to have an intervention so I did not put our wedding planning calendar in P3. But why?  What is it about these relationship lines and date calculations that I find so fascinating? Perhaps… Read More

7 Deadly Sins of Scheduling: How to Keep Your Project Out of the Handbasket

A schedule is intended to be used as a tool to allow project participants to proactively manage construction and adapt to changing circumstances as they arise. However, if a party’s intentions are not in the best interest of the project, the schedule loses its credibility as a management tool. While there may be thousands of… Read More