Paradigm Shift in P3 Delivery

There is an old saying that “the only constant is change” which translates literally to things are always changing. This has never been more apparent than in our current state of economic, political, and environmental flux. However, what about a paradigm shift where a significant essential change takes place, and a new and different method… Read More

Design-Build-Operate P3 Delivery in Sports Facilities for Municipalities

Most of us grew up playing sports throughout the year. The type of sport was typically determined by the season. Sometimes we were free to play outdoors while other times the weather kept us indoors. No matter the environment, we all have fond memories of those places where we spent our formative years learning sportsmanship,… Read More

Hot Potato…Who Has the Risk in P3?

My old neighborhood was a great place to be a kid. I remember playing all types of backyard games and sports in my childhood. When we were not emulating a Major League player hitting a home run or a star running back scoring a touchdown, we would often play outdoor games like “hot potato.” We… Read More

P3 Delivery: Are We Riding the Brake or Pressing the Gas Pedal?

P3 Delivery

Recently, I spoke at a seminar covering Public-Private Partnership (P3) project delivery where we ended with a very engaging question and answer period. There were two main themes that came out of this discussion: (1) A culture change is needed among public owners to perform more P3 delivery(2) How to overcome the fear of failing… Read More

Summer Road Trips and Public-Private Partnerships

Every summer about the time the last of the cherry bombs went off and the flag banners had finally been rolled up, my dad, James, would call me out of the treehouse to help with a family ritual. He’d roll Big Red, our old Pontiac Catalina, out of the garage and we’d set to work… Read More

Substituting for D-B-B, Our Next Batter is P3! 10 Reasons Why Public-Private Partnerships are Gaining Momentum

Spring is here, and I am looking forward to Opening Day 2019 and the start of baseball season. As players conduct batting practice, they carefully choose their favorite bat. A lot of thought goes into this selection – the weight, the material, the sound the ball makes coming off of it, how comfortable they are… Read More