Hot Potato…Who Has the Risk in P3?

My old neighborhood was a great place to be a kid. I remember playing all types of backyard games and sports in my childhood. When we were not emulating a Major League player hitting a home run or a star running back scoring a touchdown, we would often play outdoor games like “hot potato.” We… Read More

P3 Delivery: Are We Riding the Brake or Pressing the Gas Pedal?

Recently, I spoke at a seminar covering Public-Private Partnership (P3) project delivery where we ended with a very engaging question and answer period. There were two main themes that came out of this discussion: (1) a culture change is needed among public owners to perform more P3 delivery, and (2) how to overcome the fear… Read More

Substituting for D-B-B, Our Next Batter is P3! 10 Reasons Why Public-Private Partnerships are Gaining Momentum

Spring is here, and I am looking forward to Opening Day 2019 and the start of baseball season. As players conduct batting practice, they carefully choose their favorite bat. A lot of thought goes into this selection – the weight, the material, the sound the ball makes coming off of it, how comfortable they are… Read More