Construction in Uncertain Times (and 7 Ways to Come Back Even Stronger)

Let’s be honest. Right now, none of us have all the answers. Uncertainty surrounding the duration and severity of the COVID-19 crisis makes it hard to anticipate its true impact or when we will fully resume normal project operations. While in many areas, construction is currently considered essential, all projects are subject to unpredictable impacts…. Read More

How the Construction Industry Can Measure Labor Efficiency with Technology and Greater Insight

In the last post in this blog series, we identified reasons that loss of efficiency claims, which are becoming more prevalent due to chronic labor shortages in the industry, are difficult to present and prove. The reasons included bad data, unclear causes of disruption, and limited tools. However, in an era of inexpensive technology and… Read More

3 Reasons Why Loss of Efficiency Claims Are So Hard to Prove

loss of efficiency claims

In part 1 of this blog series, we highlighted the difficulties facing the construction market due to chronic labor shortages and in part 2, we linked the labor shortage with a rise in disputes, particularly over claims for lost labor efficiency. In a market where loss of efficiency claims are increasingly common, it’s worth noting… Read More

How Labor Shortages Spark Delay and the Blame Game

labor shortages

Construction delays and resulting disputes typically arise from several familiar circumstances: design changes, project mismanagement, or a breakdown in communication. All of these delay drivers remain very relevant, but we see a new challenge arising as we look to the future of our industry. As mentioned in the first blog in this series, we are… Read More

The Construction Industry’s Chronic Labor Shortfall Demands New Leadership

An increasing concern in the construction industry in the past few years—and one gaining increased notice recently—has been the shortage of available, qualified people in the construction workforce. A number of prominent news stories in the past few months have highlighted this issue: 91% of contractors report having difficulty hiring workers The share of young… Read More