ABB, High-Voltage Direct Current Wire Manufacturing Plant

Exterior of ABB Wire Manufacturing Plant

MBP provided on-site construction management services on a new direct current wire manufacturing facility. ABB is a leader in power and automation technology and developed the first high-voltage direct current power link in the 1990s, enabling underground and undersea power transmission over long distances. The project involved the new construction of a 233,146-square-foot cable facility to… Read More

Belleville Power Plant

Construction of Belleville Power Plant

MBP provided dispute resolution services and prepared an as-built versus as-planned CPM schedule delay analysis and determined responsibility for concurrence and compensability of delays. The project consisted of the construction of a hydroelectric power generating station on the Ohio River at the West Virginia (east) end of the existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lock and… Read More

City of Lynchburg, Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment plant in Lynchburg

MBP provided full-time, on-site construction management services including project documentation, quality assurance, inspection services, and issue analysis and claims avoidance. The project consisted of the construction of a new chemical feed building and associated sitework, installation of two packaged scrubber systems, three exhaust fans, three chemical feed and storage systems, odor control ductwork system, demolition… Read More

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Norfolk South Trunk Force Main

Norfolk South Trunk force main construction

MBP provided full-time, on-site inspections for the installation of the two force main projects including constructibility reviews and cost estimating services. This project replaced approximately 14,000 linear feet of force main in downtown Norfolk along Colley Avenue and other adjacent streets to minimize the risk of sewer failures in these neighborhoods. The project consisted of replacing… Read More

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Turnpike Road Force Main

Turnpike Road force main construction

MBP provided construction observation and inspection services. This project included approximately 3,800 linear feet of 24-inch ductile iron interceptor force main (SF-218) along Turnpike Road in the City of Portsmouth. This project is coordinated with the VDOT Turnpike Road improvements project (No. 0337-124-V04) as a betterment. The limits of this project are between Howard Street… Read More

Hardy Storage Compressor Station

Hardy Storage compressor station

MBP provided expert witness services with respect to schedule/delay and damages. The project involved the design and construction of natural gas compressor station for storage and recovery of natural gas.

Industrial Piping, Inc., Mayo Power Plant – Zero Liquid Discharge System

Exterior of Mayo Power Plant

MBP provided dispute resolution services including reviewing and providing opinions on the claimed schedule delays and costs, and providing support to counsel in preparation for and at mediation. The power plant project involved the fabrication of a zero liquid discharge process system for Progress Energy.

Jeffrey Energy Center

Exterior of Jefferson Energy Center

MBP provided dispute resolution services for the Jeffery Energy Center. The project involved selective catalytic reduction process, additions, and alterations to the existing Jeffrey Energy Center coal-fired electrical power plant.

Kaiser Aluminum, Gramercy Refinery Digester Rebuild

Aerial view of Gramercy Alumina Refinery

MBP became involved in the project on behalf of the owner during the reconstruction of the digester area of the Gramercy Alumina Refinery after it was destroyed in a catastrophic explosion involving high-pressure piping and pressure vessels. MBP provided on-site inspection, CPM scheduling, cost to complete estimates, analysis of the actual costs of performance, expert… Read More

Marsh Run Electric Generation Plant

Exterior of Marsh Run Electric Generation Plant

MBP provided expert witness analysis and testimony services for the new 680 megawatt electric generation power plant including three combustion turbines capable of running by both natural gas or diesel fuel and all utility and plant infrastructure.