Smooth Sailing: How Optimizing Capital Projects Early and Often Leads to Better Outcomes

Blog graphic - Smooth Sailing: How Optimizing Capital Projects Early and Often Leads to Better Project Outcomes

“When You Can’t Predict the Wind, Adjust Your Sails” Even the most well-intentioned construction projects need to change course along the way, adapting to changing circumstances as they arise. Project controls are essential guideposts for project planning. They allow the project team to identify and mitigate their risks as they establish their time, cost, and… Read More

Making It Stick: Implementing Project Risk Management in Your Organization

Project risk management (PRM) has for decades been recognized by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a project management best practice. GAO has urged federal agencies to conduct cost and schedule risk analyses to anticipate and quantify risks that can lead to cost increases and schedule delays. Recently, we have been assisting several of… Read More

Resiliency and Planning: A Local Focus

With the start of hurricane season, summer thunderstorms, and tornados upon us, it’s a good time to reflect and ask, “Am I prepared?” This question does not just refer to the emergency kit, cash, and spare gas you might have on hand, it also involves looking beyond your driveway to determine if both your community… Read More

Practical Risk Management: The 5 “W’s” for the Win!

Oh no, watch out! Oh no, better jump! As construction professionals, we are fully aware of the many risks that surround our projects and understand the actions needed to manage and mitigate them. We know these risks can hamper the outcome of projects and quick reactions by project personnel are usually not well thought out… Read More

Emergency Management in the Wake of COVID-19 Looks Different, Yet Similar

Over the past several months, MBP has been supporting a client in their COVID-19 emergency response efforts. This experience has given me time to reflect on how it differs from previous natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. Yet there are many elements that remain the same regardless of the emergency type. Without a doubt, the… Read More

Hot Potato…Who Has the Risk in P3?

My old neighborhood was a great place to be a kid. I remember playing all types of backyard games and sports in my childhood. When we were not emulating a Major League player hitting a home run or a star running back scoring a touchdown, we would often play outdoor games like “hot potato.” We… Read More

Let’s Meet the COVID-19 Challenge Together

Right now, we all have our hands full. Our first priority, without question, should be to keep ourselves and our families safe. We also have an obligation to keep our businesses and construction projects afloat and progressing. Both can be stressful, and it may be hard to clearly see the path ahead with changes happening… Read More