Facilities Portfolio Management

What is FPM?

Facilities Portfolio Management (FPM) is a type of program management designed to achieve the client's business objectives; minimize predictable operating costs, optimize building performance and services; and maximize long term value of
portfolio assets.

Why implement FPM?

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve services
  • Increase the value of the portfolio

Our primary objective is to align and integrate your business and facilities strategies for effective expansion and reduction or maintenance of the facilities assets in the most cost-effective manner while providing a high level of service and building performance. This service is designed to optimize total cost of ownership through life cycle analysis of facilities and services. We can provide management support, property/asset management, property development management and operations and maintenance management.

  • Diversity of services: MBP provides a variety of both analytical and field services, including management support, property/asset management, property development management, and operations and maintenance management.
  • Adaptable approach: MBP will provide services with its own staff working together with client's in-house staff, or through sub-consultants or joint venture partners when deemed most appropriate to achieve the client's objectives. FPM services are varied and highly customized to the clients' need.
  • Unique: We consider this one of our pioneer and forward-looking services that you won't find at most other firms. It's time to consider the big picture approach.

MBP consistently provided highly qualified, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals to every project with which it has been involved. The quality and commitment of MBP's staff was outstanding. MBP's involvement helped ensure quality control, proper management and documentation, effective schedule adherence, and budget control."
Roger Mosier, Former Director of Design and Construction Services for Arlington Public Schools.